New Blog

It’s finally here.  I’ve tried other blog names briefly for free to see if I like them, and now, after researching how other people decide on a blog name, based on audience, intent, and the like, I’ve decided “What I’m Doing in Korea” is a good fit for me and my future users.  It is easy to remember and it describes the intent of the blog, which is mainly to function as a photo album and journal to share with family and friends back home in the States.

Now that I finally have a domain name I am satisfied with, I have several weeks and months of backtracking to do with photos and stuff, just to get up to date.  Those will trickle in over the course of the next week, by which time classes will begin.  After I’m all caught up, I will post a little something every few days, just to keep you all interested.

I hope you will all enjoy seeing what I’m up to here in Korea!

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