Class Starts tomorrow.

It's going to be so hard to get out of bed on the first day of school. I feel in no way prepared for this.

I’m pretty far behind on everything news-wise, and I’ll be doing alot of belated updates as time warrants, but I want to at least have one post that’s up on time.  Even though tomorrow starts the first week of school, classes are not 100% decided.  I’m pretty much for sure taking English Novels, Teaching English Conversation, and English Pronunciation.  I’ll try taking Korean Pronunciation, but if the class is soul-stompingly difficult I have the option of dropping it.  Ryan and Shin, the guys who are running the ESL internship I’m doing, moved the start date of our classes/club meetings up from Sept. 19th to Sept. 9th, which is in four days.  This wouldn’t be as bad except they haven’t for sure selected materials, so I don’t know what we will be studying.  If nothing else really works, I’ll just ask people what they have for questions, or what they don’t understand and need clarifying, and answer them as best as I can.  Homework involves them finding new questions and me finding new answers.

I’ve met four or five professors and they are all very helpful and pleased to see me, but I can’t help but feel like there is nothing that can reeeeeeeeeaaaaally prepare me for this semester, so I just have to “fake it until I make it.”

This is my class schedule. The little red circles are where my credited classes overlap with my 18 hours per week of Korean language and culture classes. I will have to make up the language classes on my own time by getting notes from classmates. Oh boy. Bitten off more than I can chew?

I'm counting on you to keep me on task, Cookie. On second thought, perhaps a hedonistic glutton isn't the most perfect being to emblazon upon a device used to help a person become more disciplined, but he makes me feel like even if I don't get everything done, we'd still be pals.

My friends and I have been attempting to learn as much Korean as possible in order to have a leg-up when classes begin, so we’ve been studying as much as is possible.  I still have the main problem I had in MN, which is that instead of giving me the grammar necessary to make my own sentences, books insist on giving me hundreds of example sentences, which I can only memorize as-is.  This does not teach me how to make my own sentences, which is a problem because spontaneous generation is the backbone of fluency.  Also, it’s much more difficult to memorize long sentences in Korean if you don’t know what it is you’re trying to say.

Repetition only helps when you know what it is you're repeating.

I made my own test to give to myself, but I only gave myself 5 out of 10. I failed my own exam, but it was only a pre-test, so that's cool.

For everyone else starting school again, you can do this!  Stick with it!

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  1. Your bed sheets look might comfortable. You can dooooooooooooo it! ❤

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