Rugby Photo Bomb

So, I’ve been cruising all the rubgy websites in Korea, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to play rubgy while I’m in college.  The closest team is in Gunsan, which is only 20 miles away as the crow flies, but without a car only way to get there is by bus, and the bus ride there takes almost an hour each way because of meandering roads and lots of stops, and everyone else they play against lives in or near Seoul.  But hopefully there’s next year.  Now’s the time to work out hard, get back in shape, and chat up expat teams on their websites to see what they’re about.  Might even get some tips about what cities and parts of cities are the best to live and work in.

There are actually a fairly good amount of amateur rugby teams here in Korea.  Also, even though the Rugby World Cup was this year, I couldn’t have gone to it, BUT it’ll be at the same Bat-time, same Bat-channel, four years from now.  Anyone who wants to go, start putting pennies into your piggy banks, and we can all chill out in New Zealand in Thousand 15.

WAIT.  I just checked Wikipedia.  Guess the RWC isn’t held every year in New Zealand like I thought.  Bugger!  It will be held in England in 2015 and Japan in 2019.  I can see England caring about rugby enough to have plenty of stadiums to play all the games in, but Japan?  Will they just be playing it on some high school lacrosse fields and webcasting it?  Anyway, I probably won’t be hanging around here for eight years just to make the trip to Japan shorter to see one rugby match, so if anyone is seriously interested in going to England in 2015, this is a good time to start planning ahead.  The BBC Proms usually goes until September, so maybe we can hit that up, too.  This all might sound unrealistic and too far into the future, but think of all the excitement that four years of dramatic buildup will bring.

I know, I know, rugby is exciting, but cheering or clapping is usually standard.

Mostly, this post is an excuse for me to show off this picture.  I found it on the Seoul Sisters team website.  The players had a good game going until that guy showed up and started doing the shimmy-shake.

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