Round, here “Pool” or “Billiards”  is called Pocketball, for whatever reason.   Snooker is more popular, and I get how it’s played, but I haven’t played it yet.  Pocketball costs about $6 an hour for the table, which is super cheap, and they give you a cup of pop or juice for free, so it’s a pretty cheap way to spend an hour with friends.  We found another place that is $3.50 an hour, and has what looks like brand new tables.  Ditto on the free pop or juice.

This is Zarif.  He says he was briefly a sponsored pool player in his native Uzbekistan.  He’s a pretty good pool player, he can do some pretty impressive shots, so I am inclined to believe him.  He’s also a huge fibber and likes pulling your leg any chance he can, so I have my doubts.  I’ll upload a video of him doing an overhand “spear shot” when I can.

This is Daemyoung, (dame-young), of Myanmar.  He’s not a bad shot, but he bears a striking and unfortunate resemblance to Taiwanese pool great Jeanette Lee, the “Black Widow”.  The hair, the expression, the shirt rolled up exactly to the elbow, it’s a little of everything.

Not Daemyoung.


This is the least bad picture of me.  The guys can’t seem to hold a camera steady.  I kind of need a haircut too, but whatever.


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