Shopping in Jeonju

Jeonju is about a 20 minute bus ride from Samnye, and it’s a much nicer and larger place to buy stuff.  It’s a nice place to go for a weekend.  The best part of hanging out somewhere like Jeonju isn’t buying nice stuff, it’s just looking at all the weird stuff and laughing at it.  That’s not insensitive.  If something is funny it’s just FUNNY.

Like tango dancing, oddly popular here in big cities.

Korea, we need to have a talk about all the squid. It was funny the first time you made me eat it but the joke's gotten old. Squid is not made of food and you know it.

There is a mural of "Forrest Gump" on the side of this restaurant and I have no idea why.

Some kind of Hispanic themed gift shop. It was closed, though.

This is a bakery. What kind of bakery I have no idea. We kind of have to find a dozen Chinese students that we let loose upon the city so we aren't able to dilly-dally.

The last two pictures.  They’re funny because they are honest, which was probably not their intention.

We didn’t get to hang out at many places, due to the aforementioned glut of Chinese students we were responsible for, and by “we” I mean someone else.  Maybe next time.


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