Junk Drawer, Volume 1

This is a photo album of some pictures that are too unrelated to other pictures to have a big story attached to them.  So they all end up here.

On my first night here when I didn't have anything I tried to make an origami cup out of paper to drink from. I would have just drank from the faucet but I didn't know if it was as clean as the water from the Culligan machine. An origami cup will not hold water, in case you didn't know. It will fall apart and dump water all over.

This was my cup for about two days. It wasn't wonderful but it worked.

Beer is not liquid confidence, this is - at least, if the packaging is to be believed. It tasted almost exactly like a whole bag of ground-up Smarties stirred into club soda. Which is to say, horrid. The caption reads, "Confidence is the drink supplying vitamins. As drinking a confidence feel good from the sweety fruits flavor and the refreshing coolness contained in it."

Three Dollar Pringles and Fifty Dollar Booze on the same shelf at the gas station.

We found these painted on a store in Samnye. I'm almost positive the reason they were painted is so that people could stand in front of them like this. It just feels right, you know?

If you ever have a chance to take a ridiculous photo that makes you look like a moron, do it. It's worth a laugh. You won't regret it.

The standard "combination pizza". Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, onions, potatoes, corn, and bread and butter pickles. The pickles aren't a great pizza topping, but everything else is. I'm a fan of the potatoes in particular.

Fried squid at the school cafeteria. Better than boiled squid, but it's still squid.

Boiled squid. A little garlic salt would make it much better. It's healthy, I guess, and the taste isn't terribly strong, but the texture is like a tough, old-fashioned frankfurter skin stuffed with Twizzlers Pull-N-Peel Licorice. And think of all the sea turtles that are going to bed hungry now.

Telephone? No it ain't.

Adobe Photoshop Specialist? No no no. There should be no classes for this. Photoshop is something you play with, read a bit about, do some tutorials of, and learn as you go. Taking a class to learn Photoshop is like being trained in how to harass someone on ChatRoulette or YouTube comments.

Song Pyan. A traditional dumpling/cake made from a rice dumpling filled with bean paster. Rather peanutty.

Also available in jungle green, rose, and canary yellow. Pretty much all the same noodley flavor. Noodley is a word now. Flying Spaghetti Monster saw to that.

I cannot beLIEVE I left my bag of googley eyes in my room. I am so disappointed.

That’s all the unsortable pictures and sarcastic comments for now.  Bye Bye!

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One Response to Junk Drawer, Volume 1

  1. Love the angel wing poses! Good to see you still posting.

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