If your initials are J.H., this post is for you.

Okay, so pretty much everyone is getting absolutely bugger-all for their birthdays/Christmas/random gifts for a while, so here are some pictures Mr. J. H. might enjoy in the absence of tangible, physical gifts.

Warcraft III is still a real hot ticket in this neck of the woods. Here is some version of Footmen vs. Grunts, played by super pro gamer Suk Yung.

"Free! My favorite flavor." J. H., circa 7th grade, Home Room. The school passed out free milk and these donut-style treats to bolster our spirits during midterms. Unfortunately, unlike those delicious blueberry muffins from so long ago, these were some kind of look-alike, trick desserts made from recycled Hot Topic and Lance Armstrong bracelets.

We were all kind of bummed when Camp Snoopy, which was at least kinda Minnesota history and culture, was replaced my generic happy fun land, but this was like seeing Paul Bunyan with a faux hawk and a lip ring on his lunch break at Ikea.

Love House Club? Was it a dance place, or a restaurant? I will never know. The place was boarded up. The only other information I could glean from my observations was that EVERYTHING was formerly VERY pink.

Painted majestically on the window of the ROK army recruiting office. Bears a resemblance to another recognizable photograph.

My other favorite pastime is lurking about and intruding upon places I don't belong. Sometimes you find things that are amusing and mostly unexplainable. Such as...

What could be a decent bad-guy name if anyone ever needs to make another low-quality WWII shooter or cheesy spoof movie for the Sci-Fi Channel.

Celcius hasn't conquered the whole world yet! Sieg alternate, outdated systems of measurement!

I could keep doing this for a while, but it’s midnight and I have a final exam tomorrow.  Anyway, it’s just English Pronunciation class, so I should probably do okay.

Posting up silly pictures and thinking of all y’all counts as a nice rest and works as a good way to restore my sanity, at least temporarily.  By the way, I never thought I would say this, but it has been entirely too long since I heard someone say “That’s what she said” or “Your Mom”.  You get a point.

Happy Belated Birthday.

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