No one knows I’m taking pictures.

PROTIP:  In recent history, I have come across some articles about the joys of hip-shooting photography.  The idea is that by holding the camera at your waist and just snapping pictures, you can get pictures of people who do not know you are taking pictures of them.  Thus, they act more naturally.  It’s fun, effective, nefarious, and a little creepy – just like the FBI surveillance van parked in front of your neighbor’s house that says “Gingerbread Bakery” on the side.  Here are some pictures of Harold looking like a model for Old Navy/gang lieutenant in Chicago at the bus stop.

When these show up for sale on ImageShack I expect to see some greenbacks sliding my way.

Ipod? Rolex? Cologne? You could sell anything with this photo! It's yours for a hundred bucks!

Every ten minute break in Korean class looks like this. Actually, not that difficult to get this picture covertly.

Students hard at work in the study library. Might look nice on a school brochure. This one is a freebie.

Ipad being used as a phone. If it's too big to be a phone, and too small to be a laptop, doesn't that just make it less effective as both things?

Not really a sneaky-sneaky hip-shooting photo, but I did get to use my tripod. Makes the city look alright.

Here are the two websites I skimmed to learn to hip-shoot photos.  It’s not the best method for every photo, but sometimes you can get pictures you can’t get any other way. Link number one is the best.

Taking better, more interesting pictures is not hard.  Get out there and make something cool!

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