“Sorry Sorry” by SuperJunior

This week there was a speech contest this week on Friday, wherein lots of students who aren’t me show off their hard-earned Korean speaking skills in order to compete for a top prize of 300,000 won (three hundred bucks) a certificate from the school that says something, and huge respect from the world, THE WORLD!  Actually, all you get is the cash.

In between the speeches there were dance numbers and songs to keep things rolling.  Also, I am told, it is the Korean custom to never actually plan things out and just wing it.  As such, our super awesome dance number, which was supposed to kick off the speeches instead got moved to the very end of the speech contest.  So much for my afternoon of getting stuff done.  It’s also Korean custom to stretch forty-five minutes worth of actual content, like a speech or a meeting, into six and a half hours.  I’m not kidding.  But come on now, being laid back can go too far.  I had plans for that one-third of my waking hours for that day.

On the bright side, our dance routine was pretty fun.  Our number was “Sorry, Sorry” by SuperJunior, and I am told it was quite the hot ticket about two years ago.  It’s still comparatively cool now though, so that’s good.

This is not a jokey-joke picture. Every dude here has a hair straightener and a blow dryer. I'm not really a fan. Anyway, Zarif needed to straighten his hair before we danced (it was weird writing that) and he forgot his straightener, so he borrowed one from Davin, a teeny-weeny Cambodian girl who had her emergency iron with her. I can't find a decent pocketknife anywhere here, but you can buy a travel sized straightening iron at any gas station. C'mon, people, priorities.

There's no electrical outlets in the bathroom, so Zarif had to stand in the hallway to do this. I held up my cell phone camera as a mirror for him. Only in Korea.

A Korean guy asked me if I was a Mormon. I wasn't keen on looking like one, either, I was hoping the untied tie and the "Blackjack Dealer" stance would make me look a little less Mormon. There are a BUNCH of Mormons here and they bug people just as much as they do everywhere. Them Mormons gots wings.

Actually a pretty nice group picture of everyone.

Remarkably, the only thing I lost on the whole plane ride here was my glasses case containing my ten-year-old Harry Potter lookin' glasses. I was pretty bummed out by this. Because I am minus a glasses case, and I needed to take them off to dance, so a towel in a Tupperware worked as a stand-in. College is tough.

Now for the important part at the end, here is the grainy, low-res cell phone video William took of the dance routine.  We are all supposed to introduce ourselves in our mother tongues, so I chimed in with “Hi!  How’re you?”  in a cheesy John Wayne kinda accent.  You probably can’t tell, but I’m in the back on the left to start with, I do the big jump in the middle of the song, and then I screw up the Moonwalk at the end.  The big finish works, though.

(NOTE: I can’t get the video to actually load on my blog unless I “update to” the enhanced version of WordPress (read – give WordPress more dough) so I’m just going to link to it on my Facebook and hope everyone can find it.  Realistically, any of the six people who read this blog probably also have my on FaceBook.  Toodle-loo!

EDIT:  The gasping, out-of-breath laughter you hear is very, very amateur cameraman William.

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